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Classique Ideas' reputation in designing and constructing world class interiors has given rise to clients in Metro Manila and its nearby provinces.

"Design is where SCIENCE and ART break even."
- Robin Mathew -

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Interior design and the construction of interior finishes is a delicate undertakings due to its very emotional nature. To be able provide excellent service, one has to be a good judge of character with the ability to understand the explicit taste of the Client. Engaging in the business of interior designs and fit out contracting strongly demands a rare combination of artistic capability, vast knowledge, technical expertise, hard work and persistence.

MS. JUDITH R. VILLACRUCIS has understood this concept very clearly. Despite her meager capital, she partnered with her sister, ARCH. BAZILLE R. VILLACRUCIS, to give birth to CLASSIQUE IDEAS in the early 1900's.

A combination of intuition and business acumen found their entry into the trading of high end finishing construction materials. This is has provided them the familiarization they needed to steer clear of the rough waters of this enterprise. Dealing directly with architects, engineers, contractors and technical experts have given them enough exposure and determination to be in the contracting business.

Armed with their professional managerial skills, the sisters gradually steered Classique Ideas against the challenges and adversities in the contracting business. They have moved from working on medium cost residential housing projects to commercial buildings and eventually to Five Star hotels which has established Classique Ideas as the premier interior fit out contractor in Cebu.

Its vision and corporate culture have helped Classique Ideas deal with the challenges it has faced through the years. The commitment to provide excellent service through hard work and persistence has strengthened its core and foundation as a responsible corporate entity.

TODAY, Classique Ideas has ventured far and wide in the construction industry and has built its reputation as a world class interior fit out company in the Philippines. To better serve its growing clientele, it has established two offices in Cebu with business address at the Ground floor of Amon Building, Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, and in Manila at 9564 Jaime Street, Brgy. Vitalez, Airport Village, ParaƱaque City.

Classique Ideas Interior Designs, Inc. (CIIDI) is your preferred choice and partner for all of your interior fit our projects.


" The Filipino is a pool of talent and skills, we only need to harness them and show the world the excellence in our works - that is what Classique aspires to continually do to earn our nitche in the international arena "
- J.R.V -

It all began with a fun and dynamic family gathering of sorts. The artistic side of the family and the business inclination of some lead to the birth of the home-grown company.

At Classique Ideas and Interior Designs, Inc. (CIIDI), we get to be inspired by how immense the talent and skills of the Filipinos and nurturing it to become world-class has been our mantra. Since we began, our company has steadily progressed into one of the most trusted all Filipino fit-out and interior designers in the country.

Today, we take pride in our works of art as peoples, Filipinos and foreigners alike have expressed appreciation in the quality of services we provide. From general interior designs to intricate fit-outs in hotels, restaurants and even offices, we have done it and we are proud mainly because all the achievements we enjoy are a showcase of our deligence and perseverance as a corporate family.

As we look to the future, the company is poised more than ever to excel further in our craft. With the steady experience and confidence in Filipino ingenuity, we offer the world only the best.

Come and experience the world-class interior designs and fit-outs - the Classique way....

JUDITH R. VILLACRUCIS Chairman of the Board/Managing Director

" I Think it was in my early elementary school years that I became fascinated in drawings and sketches which led me to pursue a Course on Architecture, and as they say, the rest is history. "
- B.R.V -

The artist in me has been the driving force for the company to create new concepts, ideas, designs that have proven effective selling points to our various clientele. In the kind of work we do, we always lead by example, letting our fellow company workers appreciate the respective works they do thereby eliciting optimum performance.

The company envisions to strategically place itself as the leading Filipino-owned fit-out and interior design contracting company. As the list of our satisfied clientele grows, we also position the company to further develop as well to ensure that our core business and services would be at par with the demands of the changing times.

Our objective is to steer the company towards new challenges and approaches and set the benchmark for quality products and services in the interior design and the fit industry.

Classique Ideas Interior Designs and Classique Properties Development Corporation's collaboration for the Filipinos and the World.


Our Facilities

Acquiring every tool and equipment needed to fabricate the essentials of interiors, Classique Ideas is able to materialize up to the smallest detail of the client's vision for the interior from the simplest residential rooms to the most sophisticated lounges of world-class hotels.

Classique Ideas is able to fabricate mouldings, cornices and wood trimmings using their own 6-head moulder, spindle moulder, and routers. The 6-head moulder can efficiently produce more than enough quality mouldings per day while routers define wood edging's intricate designs. Doors and cabinets, skillfully in-laid with elaborate carvings, are easily constructed and even mass-produced using their own squaring machine and miter saw.

Classique Ideas is also capable of veneering and laminating mouldings, ceilings and even furniture like tables and chairs. The veneer hot press machine, large enough to fit the whole 4' x 8' plywood sheet, has the ability to veneer sufficient plywood sheets per day. All these machineries are set down by Classique Ideas to ensure satisfaction and accuracy of the client's schemes. Indeed, quality is all it could never put at stake.

Our Projects

Wellness Dining Lobby and Lounge Recreation Fitness Exclusive Lounge Office Space Condominium

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