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Our History .

CICI started as a sole proprietor handling small to medium projects during the early 1990’s. Behind CICI's humble beginnings were the 2 Villacrucis sisters, Ms. Judith Villacrucis as the entrepreneur and her sister Arch. Bazille Villacrucis as the artist and architect.

Due to positive feedback from the clients and the company’s vision and commitment to provide excellent service, demand increased. This eventually led to CICI’s incorporation and opening of its second office in Metro Manila on January 2003 and November 2006 respectively. Since then, CICI’s client base has grown exponentially, now serving a number of medium cost residential projects, commercial building projects, and five (5) star hotel projects.

Now, with over 20 years of experience, CICI has grown into a full service AAA PCAB accredited company that offers a wide range of interior fit-out works and supplies such as customized cabinetries, doors, furniture, and etc.

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Fabrication Site

Our Facilities

CICI Fabrication Locations:
  • -   Conchu Trece, Martires City, Cavite
  • -   Soong, Mactan, Cebu
  • CICI’s products, such as customized furniture, cabinetries and stone works are each manufactured through state of the art machinery and skillful craftsmen. This allows the company to provide utmost quality and value to all their clients. Moreover, the plant is capable of doing a large and diverse scope of work. This includes fabricating and laminating mouldings, cornices, and wood trimmings.

In addition to this, the furniture, doors, and cabinetries are supplemented with intricate carvings that convey elegance. Veneer splicing and matching are handled by exceptional craftsmen who are capable of utilizing the machinery to its utmost potential. This allows them to produce accurate pieces of various sizes while maximizing efficiency.

Aside from CICI’s competence for delivering adroit wooden pieces, it also offers the same concordance for their stone and metal pieces. Each of these materials are thoroughly selected to ensure superior quality for our clients. Likewise, the plant is capable of proficient stone cutting, profiling, and metal bending. The plant’s fabrication of metal also includes the ability to produce intricate and complex designs which allows full customization.

All of the plant’s machineries provided CICI are used to ensure satisfaction and accuracy of the clients’ vision, whilst holding the company’s standards high in their commitment to provide the clients with excellent craftsmanship, installation and service.

Classique ideas embodies the ingenuity of the Filipino People in order to display their proficiency in delivering excellence - This practice will be continually upheld in Classique Ideas so that the Filipino people may finally obtain the international recognition they deserve.

- Judith R. Villacrucis
(Chairman of the Board/Managing Director)

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